Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW Submission Rules and Tips

Note: I'm taking a break from reviewing until September, when I return to school. If you want to contact me, please email me around September first, when I'm cleaning out my queue.

New submission rules: Send me an email at with the information for your book, including a link to where I can download it. Kindle books preferred. Tips: I'd appreciate it if you become a follower of my blog and post some comments on my previous reviews. If I review your book, I would very much appreciate if you'd put a link to that review on your website or blog. 

Thank you all in advance,

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  1. Hi,

    Would love to have your review of my adult Epic Fantasy novel: A Warrior Princess, Chronicles of Catherine, First Scroll. I can send a Kindle edition copy.

    An earth woman struggles with her faith, on a primitive alien world of reason.

    Since pasttimes, a violent and often clandestine struggle reemerges throughout the Universe. A bitter conflict, it rages between the rational forces of reason, light, and life and the fanatics of faith, darkness, and death. On the planet Nartoul, this dispute will soon erupt into a brutal war. The destiny of Katrin, a warrior princess, is foretold in ancient scrolls of the Eternals. She will be the heroine uniting the forces of reason, against the seductive dogma of faith, threatening to sweep like a malignant plague across the Three Lands. Katrin is slain.

    On Earth, Catherine a religious Earth woman endures a job interview from hell. Endowed with a shapely figure and possessed of a rational mind repressed by religious dogma, she spends her life running from sexual harassment and ignoring reality. That night, she dreams of a place where God commands men and women to respect others equally, and value each other for their ability, not their gender or the shape of their body. “As if that would ever happen.”

    Catherine, unknowingly selected to replace Katrin, awakens abruptly on Nartoul. She holds a battlesword, and stands amidst near naked alien warriors engaged in a fierce clash with large, brutish thugs. She fights for her life in the lesser gravity. “Why do large brutes want to kill me, and godless warriors wear sinful attire?”


    H. F. Parkhurst, author
    Chronicles of Catherine
    The Harry Carlton Novels
    Stories from the Galactic Hotdog